Drink Coasters are your perfect Restaurant & Bar Profit Booster

Beverage Coasters build brand awareness
and customer loyalty

bar coasters, restaurant coasters, custom coasters, beer coasters, drink coastersLoyalty is a quality that a brand builds over time. Drink coasters have been around for more than 100 years (as described in a previous Blog post) and their potential goes far beyond protecting your table from unsightly table rings and liquid stains. Although they do a pretty good job servicing such tasks they also serve as a tremendous portable billboard for marketing.

Building brand awareness and customer loyalty is one of the most difficult goals for any company to achieve. Restaurants and bars are obvious businesses that can benefit from promotional coasters. First thing that comes to mind is that they are practical and inexpensive. While customers are waiting for their order to arrive, they can promote everything from add-on food and beverage items to rewards programs and contests. Coasters are also the perfect promotional gift giveaway, not only to attract new customers but also to show appreciation to old ones. People LOVE free stuff.

bar coasters, restaurant coasters, custom coasters, beer coasters, drink coastersBeverage Coasters can be made from several types of materials in a variety of features, shapes and sizes. Although not seen too often, bars and eateries could choose coasters made of easily cleanable materials. Where cleaning increases operational costs, disposables are the more likely the choice, even in upscale venues. 

At the Coaster Factory, our beer coasters are only made using recycled materials made from authentic European pulp-board that are both high quality and long lasting. Drink coasters are a high-impact inexpensive marketing tool that can easily be disposed of and replaced frequently as they become soiled. With their low-cost and frequent replacement needs (customers often like to take them home as souvenirs), coasters can be changed as quickly as your targeted promotions, and re-ordered for speedy delivery in no time at all.

Food vendors, manufacturers, retailers, wineries and breweries may also provide beverage coasters to restaurant and bar owners as part of a cooperative marketing program to help build sales of their featured products. It's a great way to promote a new product line. This is a perfect example of advertising at the point of purchase, a very effective way to up-sell your customers and guests. 

bar coasters, restaurant coasters, custom coasters, beer coasters, drink coastersDrive sales and build customer loyalty using drink coasters

Drinks coasters are powerful tools in promoting your brand, product or services across a broad spectrum of demographics. dAs well, if chosen properly to be used where a customer would be in a buying mood (example: on a desk at work to encourage business purchases), these can be effective advertising tools. Promotional products can be a real deciding factor in people's decisions to buy on impulse. Compare the value of promotional products such as coasters to other forms of advertising, and research consistently shows your marketing dollar goes further with promotional products. It’s a simple and yet very effective way to connect with your customers and establish a long and lasting relationship.

bar coasters, restaurant coasters, custom coasters, beer coasters, drink coastersTIP: A well designed beverage coaster graphic should communicate your marketing story. 

When it comes to consumer promotions, this usually means tying the promotional product to the lifestyle and self-image of your target audience. 

Using drink coasters to target people who enjoy an occasional spirit is a tried and true tactic. 

In a future blog post we’ll talk about Long-Term Marketing Exposure and businesses that can benefit from promotional coasters.


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