Other uses for Beer Coasters that go beyond just protecting your furniture

There are many unique and creative uses for coasters other than just protecting your furniture from drinks, spills and scratches.

custom coaster shapes, design a coaster, coaster uses, custom designed coasters, order coasters, buy coasters, buy drink coastersEveryone knows the classic use of the beverage coaster - but there are so many more ways to use these handy items. Coasters for drinks can be used to keep the bottom of your refrigerator shelves fresh and clean. The flat pulpboard surfaces have just the right absorbency to prevent messy, hard-to-clean-up spills. Slide them under bottles and condiments to absorb liquids from landing on shelves and dripping into drawers. Beer coasters also serve the same purpose when used under the maple syrup, peanut butter and honey jars in the cupboard or pantry.

The beer coaster is a rather versatile product, and you shouldn't discount it. Consider coasters as a safe Frisbee for your children or pets. They are easy to throw and actually go quite far.

custom coaster shapes, design a coaster, coaster uses, custom designed coasters, order coasters, buy coasters, buy drink coastersPosition beer coasters under the legs of coffee tables to level them, or to protect rugs from heavy furniture, or add coasters to the fireplace as an excellent fire starter. You can also use coasters as a bookmark or a notepad when you run out of paper - or even as drawing paper for kids in the car. Some of our most popular products are for scrapbooking. Yes, we sell Blank Beverage Coasters of different sizes and thicknesses that can be used for scrapbooking, and various arts and crafts projects.

scrapbooking coaster Coaster Factory offers special blank coaster package pricing starting at only $75.00 for 2500, 4" square coasters. These aren't your normal flimsy low-quality paper type either. Our coasters are made from high-end stiff authentic European pulpboard.

Here are a few more useful coaster ideas:

  • Stick self-adhesive magnets on the bottom of coasters. Use them on the kitchen fridge or your “beer fridge”.
  • Use blank pulp board coasters for writing pithy sayings or poems.
  • Cover them with patterned paper or add photos and other embellishments.
  • Coasters make a great holder for tiny nails or screws, the kind that are so small you can’t hold them in place in order to hammer them (not without smashing your thumb anyway).
  • Would you believe holiday seasonal cards, promo cards or post cards?
  • Create your own custom frame with your blank coaster to fit your pictures!

blank coastersUse the blank scrapbooking coaster as a backer and then cut out puzzle pieces to create your own custom picture puzzle.

As a matter of fact, we even design special die-cut puzzle coasters right here at the Coaster Factory.

Low cost makes an ideal craft material for various projects including decorative ornament making. What other creative coaster use ideas can you come up with?


  custom coaster shapes, design a coaster, coaster uses, custom designed coasters, order coasters, buy coasters, buy drink coasters

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Coaster Factory is North America’s premier beer coaster manufacturer, providing exceptional service and the highest quality custom coasters printed on premium European pulpboard.

High Quality, Coaster Printing, Colors & Materials: Our offset presses print FULL color (CMYK) on BOTH sides of your coasters (spot color is available). Not only do Coaster Factory's authentic European Pulpboard coasters effectively absorb spills, they’re lightweight, firm, and look great too!

Great Prices: We offer competitive pricing on any size coaster order, from 1,200 into the millions! We have standard value pack pricing for most common quantities and can provide quotes for larger or customized orders. Have your artwork, logo, picture or design printed full color on both sides with many size and custom shape options.

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Your brand is the most powerful tool in your toolbox and coasters are a unique, useful and cost effective way to promote your product or message. The biggest brands have known this for a very long time!

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