The Crafty business of Scrapbooking using Blank Coasters

Scrapbooking is one of the largest categories within the craft and hobby industry, and the use of Blank Coasters is one of our most popular products.

Did you know that scrapbooking can be traced back to the 15th century England when compiling of personal information and memorabilia was then known as “commonplace books” – and later the "friendship albums" gained popularity in the 16th century, reminiscent of the modern day yearbook.scrapbooking blank coasters, blank coasters, scrapbooking, scrapbooking coasters The reference to the idea of scrapbooking was commonly understood as a book with blank pages in which to preserve clippings from important newspaper articles. Although it isn’t known when the actual term “scrapbooking” became commonplace, it truly saw its rise to popular culture by the 1800’s when John Poole published his book entitled “The Scrapebook”.

As photography became more widespread and easily affordable to scrapbooking enthusiasts, thanks to the introduction of the Eastman-Kodak Brownie camera, the craft was about to hit its stride with genealogists. The idea was that scrapbooking would be an easy way to record family history, events and experiences captured in real-time. A creative time capsule if you will. However, the trend of scrapbooking waned by the 1940’s seeing a slight resurgence of interest by the early 1980’s.

The most important part of the traditional scrapbook is the album itself, usually a permanently bound book with the ability to insert blank pages. However, the evolution of the scrapbook has moved off the page and into other alternative surfaces including the digital scrapbook. With the advent of computer technology and the use of scanners, desktop publishing software, digital photography and home-based printing, the creative options are now endless.blank coaster scrapbooking, blank coasters, scrapbooking coasters

Since the dawn of the world-wide-web, some people attribute the increased interest in scrapbooking to a renewed passion for genealogy, while others say that it is an outlet for those interested in photography and graphic design. It probably is a bit of both.

Those who consider themselves “scrapbookers” prefer the physicality of handling the materials and artifacts they secure into the pages of their books, while others prefer to work with a mouse and screen easily sharing their finished pages with a wide audience through the Internet. Either way, crafters and scrapbookers tend to prefer (and make good use of) a mix of traditional with technology.

Here are a couple of interesting scrapbooking Wiki factoids:

  • Over 4 million women in the United States alone consider themselves to be scrapbookers.
  • Over 4% of all women in U.S. have done traditional scrapbooking. 

Scrapbooking using blank coasters is a great way to organize all your memories in a crafty sort of way. It's your whole life sitting right in front of you and it's so fun to look back at. Looking for new ideas in arts, crafts and do-it-yourself blank coaster scrapbooking?


Try a few of these: blank coaster scrapbooking, blank coasters, coasters, scrapbooking coasters

  • Coaster Bookmarks
  • Coasters as Flash Cards
  • Coaster Coloring books
  • Coaster Journals
  • Coaster Sketch Pads
  • Coaster Picture Frames
  • Coaster Refridgerator Magnets
  • Coaster Photo Albums 
  • Coasters as Ornaments (hole punch)


There are various ways you can turn blank coasters into wall art. If you have a child, paint the coasters a light color then paint over them with letter stencils, adding one letter of your child's name to each coaster. These can be attached directly to your child's wall or glued to a decorative board and hung from his wall. For a more adult piece of wall art, set three rows of three coasters side-by-side, measure the sides, cut a board to that size and paint it. Then wrap each coaster in decorative wall paper with glue, glue the coasters to the board and hang the board on your wall.

Hugely popular are blank coasters as tags. Gift tags, stickers, labels...

blank coaster scrapbooking, blank coasters, scrapbooking, scrapbooking coasters

Coaster Games for Kids

blank coaster scrapbooking, blank coasters, scrapbooking, scrapbooking coasters

Scrapbooking Coasters: Memory is a coaster card game that exercises memorization skills. To play, all of the coaster cards are placed face down in front of the players, then each player takes turns lifting two cards. If the coaster cards match, the player removes the cards and plays again. If they don't match, the cards are turned down and it is the next player's turn. The strategy is to remember which cards have already been revealed and where they are.

To turn blank coasters into a child's memory game, draw 10 different images, each on two coasters, for a total of 20 coasters. If you are not an artistic type, you can use large stickers instead.

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