Have you ever looked at the coaster underneath your drink and thought, hey, why is this coaster not providing me with any sort of entertainment? We have the solution. 

With summer approaching the thoughts of family vacations, picnics, backyard bbq’s, camping and the cottage are on the minds of many. We’ve got a few Beer Coaster ideas for you:

Coin Trick

  1. Balance a beer coaster on the pad of the middle finger of one hand.
  2. Place a quarter on top of the coaster, directly above your finger pad.
  3. Use the thumb and index of your other hand to 'shoot' the coaster out from under the quarter.
  4. Try to do this so that the coaster flies out from under the quarter, and the quarter rests on your finger pad. 

You can vary this game by using heavier or lighter coins, by trying to hit a target with the coaster, or by measuring how far the coaster goes. Make sure the area is clear so no one is hit in the eye or otherwise injured by flying coasters.

Coaster Catch

  1. Hang a round beer coaster off of the edge of a table or a similar, level surface.
  2. With one hand, flip the coaster into the air.
  3. Try to catch the coaster while it's spinning in the air.

There are many variations on this game. For example, you can use coasters that are square or some other shape, or you can use coasters made of different materials. (We don't recommend using stone coasters for this.) A popular variation is to flip multiple coasters into the air at one time and see how many you can catch.

Coaster Flip (also known as the Beer Mat Flipping Game)

The objective of this game is to see how many coasters you can flip in the air and time how long they remain together as a group. First let everyone practice for a minute to get the hang of it. Before flipping a stack, tell everyone how many coasters you are attempting to flip-and-catch, and choose another player that will get the drinks if you successfully catch all the coasters. (When you can flip a stack of 20 or more every time, nobody will want to play with you any more).

  1. Place the beer coasters on the edge of a table.
  2. Hit the coasters and start timing how long they remain together.
  3. The person whose coasters remain intact as a group the longest is the winner.

​[Beer Mat Flipping Guide: How To Flip Beer Mats VIDEO]

Coaster and Drink Balance

The objective of this game is to see if you can catch a pile of coasters and a drink before they hit the floor.

  1. Place the beer coasters on the edge of a table.
  2. Place your favorite drink (a soft drink, of course) on top of the coasters.
  3. Move the coasters and drink further and further to the edge of the table.
  4. Catch the drink in one hand and the coasters in the other before they hit the floor.
  5. The person who catches both before they hit the floor is the winner.

Now some crafty game coaster creating ideas for the kiddies:

  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Coin Toss
  • Scrabble
  • Dart board
  • Bingo coasters
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Monopoly (can be one coaster representing each piece of the board)
  • Truth or Dare coasters
  • Checkers
  • Memory games – study the coaster card for 10 seconds and try to remember as many objects that are printed on the card as you can. (Hand drawn, stamps etc)

Coaster Magic Tricks

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