What you need to know when buying customized Drink Coasters:


If you are not completely familiar with purchasing custom paper coasters or more correctly Custom Pulpboard Drink Coasters, then read on and we will explain the most important aspects. Whether you are a bar, restaurant or just looking to have promotional coasters printed for your company, special event, festival or even a wedding... here are a few basics to know about. 

Firstly, Coaster Factory only uses authentic European Pulpboard for our customers coasters.  These are often referred to as paper coasters, bar coasters or beer coasters. We manufacture them from a material known as Pulpboard also known as coaster board or beer mat. Our off-set printed coasters are made of recycled & recyclable natural pulp board and printed with special alcohol-resistant vegetable inks (digital printed coasters are NOT vegetable based)In the beverage coaster industry there are 3 main thicknesses of the coaster board to choose from.

  • Coaster Factory lightweight drink coaster is approximately 1 mm (40 points) thick.
  • Coaster Factory medium weight drink coaster is approximately 1.4mm (60 points) thick. 
  • Our high-end premium heavyweight drink coaster is approximately 2.00 mm (80 points) thick.  

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A Note of Caution, Don't Be Fooled by Imitations: Authentic Pulpboard is designed very specifically for the manufacturing of bar and restaurant drink coasters. They are the real deal, extremely durable, long lasting and highly absorbent. It often happens that other paper products are sometimes substituted for coaster-board. These products are easily identified as they tend to warp and fall apart rather quickly when any moisture is introduced or they are laminated and coated leaving them with no absorbency whatsoever. There are very few true coaster manufacturers in the world, so be careful when picking your supplier of custom printed coasters.

There are many things to consider when deciding on the thickness of coaster board for your promotional drink coasters. Who will be using them? What are their intended uses? Where will they be used? How long do you need them? What type of graphics will be used [see article]. 

How effective are coasters as promotional items?

We find many of our customers are turning to coasters as their preferred branded promotional giveaway item. Custom promotional coasters also make for unique direct marketing pieces for your next big event or opening and are an efficient and cost effective way to get your message out to your target audience. A small price tag with a long lasting impact, coasters are one of the lowest cost-per-impression investments you can make!

Put your customized promotional coasters to work for YOU!

Line up purpose with message to maximize your effect. Give them out to friends, clients and staff. At the same time your business gets noticed, boosting exposure with eye-catching colorful coaster designs. Beyond the standard circle or square shaped coaster, we also manufacture all kinds of custom shaps and sizes. They can be quite the conversation piece when used as cross promos for product launches, specialty drinks, menu items, featured bands or DJ's. 

Basically the thicker your coasters, the more moisture they will absorb and the longer they will last.  Of course the thicker coasters are a little more expensive and you must decide if the added cost makes sense.  The most common coaster thickness that is ordered is the lightweight coaster board.

Standard Drink Coaster Shapes: For the most part, coasters are either square or circle coasters. We often come across people ordering ' round ' coasters.  We haven't found a way to make those yet, but the circle coasters are no problem.  Orders are fairly evenly split between the circle and the square shape.

Standard Drink Coaster Sizes: The standard sizes in North America for promotional bar or restaurant coasters are 3.5 inch and 4 inch.  By far the most common size ordered are the 4 inch size.

Custom Coaster Shapes:

We can design and manufacture almost any size or shape coaster for your truly custom branded promotion. We've even custom designed them as large as 9 inches! In order to do this we need to finalize your artwork and then create a custom die to cut them out after they have been printed. Of course there is a one time die cost for this on top of the regular production costs.  Contact us and we will be happy to help you with your next custom shaped drink coasters. Learn more about custom shapes.

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bar drink coasters, printed coasters, promotional coasters, customized printed restaurant coasters, wholesale printed coasters, printed promotional beer coasters, custom beer coaster, restaurant coaster designsQuantity: You need to decide on the quantity of drink coasters you will need. As a rule of thumb, the larger the drink coaster order the lower the cost per coaster. We consider orders under 25,000 coasters to be relatively small orders and we have devised our Value Pack Coaster pricing for this.  Value Pack coasters offer set pricing for standardized quantities and are the best value when ordering smaller coaster quantities.  Value Pack coasters are run full color process on both sides and all set up fees are included. Learn more here.

Custom Coaster Runs: Large coaster runs, such as those from 25,000 pieces into the millions we consider High Volume orders. High Volume orders require a quote.

Color Process: Our coasters are manufactured using the most modern offset printing technology allowing for the best reproduction of images. The majority of our coaster orders are printed using a 4 color CMYK process.  We also offer PMS (Pantone Matching System) or spot color printing as well.  A 4 color is the process of mixing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to reproduce most colors.  Some colors however cannot be reproduced using the standard 4 color process such as metallic colors like gold or silver.  For special colors we need to use PMS or spot colors.

Shipping your coasters: We have numerous carriers for large and small coaster shipments and are happy to ship using them.  However, if you have a preferred courier we will be happy to ship on your account with your carrier. 

Packing your coasters: Our standard packaging for your coasters is shrink-wrap and bulk packing into boxes.

Custom packaging your coasters: We have the ability to collate numerous versions into small packs and shrink-wrap.  We can accommodate custom sized boxes as well. 


Short-Run Digital Printing Option

Order as few as 25 coasters up to 500 starting at $25!

Coaster Factory NOW offers a special SHORT-RUN process. Short-run printing are coasters that YOU design using our ONLINE COASTER DESIGNER. You upload your own graphics, photos and then personalized your text in a template we've created for you online.

Short-run coasters are printed digitally in full color, single sided only in multiples of 25 up to 300 coasters. Standard 4" Circle or Square coaster shape options available for all short-run orders.

Learn more about Short-Run Orders here.



Value Pack and High Volume orders are available in quantities of 1,200 or more.
Volume orders are available for over 25,000 into the millions. See pricing on our standard pricing grid.

Additional options for Value Pack and High Volume orders also include double-sided printing as well as additional weight thickness options; 40pt, 60pt, and 80pt. A variety of custom shapes and sizes are available to you in Value Pack as well as High Volume orders including full-color print on BOTH sides.

For MORE on our Product offerings, please click to our Products page here.

YOU WANT MORE OPTIONS? Oh boy, do we have MORE Options for you!


Advertisers and marketers are always looking for unique ways to make their branded promotional materials stand out amongst the competition: Capturing the attention of your target audience using multiple senses results in longer lasting and stronger emotional connection with your brand messaging. Coaster Factory is constantly seeking out new technologies and innovative concepts that deliver the latest possible solutions for our customers while also driving greater interaction between their brands and the end consumer.

From Color Changing Inks, to specialty Foil Stamped Coasters, Glow-in-The-Dark inks, Glitter inks, Scented Coasters, Embossed Coasters, Scratch'N Win and more... the the options are endless. Click over to our Idea's, Options, and Extras page to learn more!

How are we different from the competition?

As a direct manufacturer, we guarantee the lowest pricing and offer the quickest turnaround times in the industry. Not only that, but our product is environmentally friendly (printed with vegetable based inks) and printed on highly absorbent authentic pulpboard (100% recyclable). We do not use flimsy cheap paper or cardstock, as these imitation materials tend to warp and do not offer the absorbent properties that true pulpboard/coasterboard offers. 

Rush Production and Price Guarantee

We are the industry leader and offer the quickest standard turnaround time. If you need your order shipped out by a guaranteed date, our Rush Production Options would be your best bet.

Choose 1 of our 3 rush production options, Guaranteed to ship out in:

  • 10 business days - add $50
  • 7 business days - add $125
  • under 7 business days - add $200

Our Price Guarantee is exactly that - if you find a lower price than our Value Packs with the same specs, contact us and we'll match the price. If you are interested in any of these options, please contact us so we can check our production schedule. Currently these Rush Production options are only available for Value Pack Coaster orders.

Ready to personalize your drink coasters for maximum impact? Do you have customization ideas you'd like to try?


Talk to one of our representatives and we will look into it for you!

Click over to our Custom Coaster Quote Form.

​Check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for more on printing coasters.

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Coaster Factory is North America’s premier beer coaster manufacturer, providing exceptional service and the highest quality custom coasters printed on premium European pulpboard.

High Quality, Coaster Printing, Colors & Materials: Our offset presses print FULL color (CMYK) on BOTH sides of your coasters (spot color is available). Not only do Coaster Factory's authentic European Pulpboard coasters effectively absorb spills, they’re lightweight, firm, and look great too!

Great Prices: We offer competitive pricing on any size coaster order, from 1,200 into the millions! We have standard value pack pricing for most common quantities and can provide quotes for larger or customized orders. Have your artwork, logo, picture or design printed full color on both sides with many size and custom shape options.

Fast Delivery: Need your coasters quickly? Whether your order is large or small, you'll receive your custom coasters fast. We offer standard as well as GUARANTEED RUSH production options (extra fees apply).

Your brand is the most powerful tool in your toolbox and coasters are a unique, useful and cost effective way to promote your product or message. The biggest brands have known this for a very long time!

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