Custom Printed Bar Coasters Are the Perfect Way to Brand Your Products and Services

Use High-Quality Customized Bar Coasters to Get the Word Out

Would you like a high-impact way to advertise and brand your product or service? Beer companies have been using coasters for decades and with good reason, the coaster is an advertising juggernaut. Tap into the success that bar coasters can generate!

Bar coasters for targeted advertising

You already have a built-in captive audience in the bar biz. Coasters are the ultimate opportunity to slide your message directly in front of them. How long does the average customer visit your venue? Probably about 45 minutes to an hour or longer. What better way to target your clientele than while relaxed and perhaps most open to new suggestive advertising. For very little cost per impression for maximum benefit, coasters can add selling power to most any ad campaign.

Bar coasters have been proven to effectively build brand awareness

  • Bar coasters are a great way to advertise your pub fare and specialty drink menu items.
  • Customized bar coasters are often used to promote live music nights and sporting events.
  • Bar coasters custom printed with your own unique design will distinguish you from your competition.
  • Coasters are a great vehicle to cross promote local craft beer brands and breweries with your venue.
  • People collect coasters and often will take them home. With that in mind, your bar coasters can help spread the word about your establishment beyond your own walls.

Don't settle for low-quality paper coasters

Whether you want 25 drink coasters or 25 million, we’ve got you covered. Our customers come back to us time and time again because they know we have the best bar coasters in the industry--offset printed on quality recycled European pulpboard. Sturdy and LONG LASTING!

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