Color Changing Coasters
(Temperature Sensitive Inks)

Temperature sensitive inks - cold and hot - these special inks react to temperature change and can give a dramatic effect to your coasters!

Effective branding can elevate your product or business into something rather unique, instead of being just another commodity among the crowd. Advertisers and marketers are always looking for unique ways to make their branded promotional materials stand out amongst the competition. Coaster Factory is constantly seeking out new technologies and innovative concepts that deliver the latest possible solutions for our customers while also driving greater interaction between their brands and the end consumer.

Specialty inks such as Thermochromatic Inks (Temperature Sensitive Inks) tap into trends that focus on interactivity between the consumer, and your brand messaging. These inks are designed to be a specific color at room temperature, but change to another color when heat or cold is applied to the surface. For example, using ink that is clear at room temperature, but turns pink when cold. You can design your coaster to have a hidden message reveal when a cold beer/glass touches the coaster where the special ink is applied. Imagine the reaction when the hidden message appears!

Hold your mouse over coasters to see how the colors transform after being exposed to a temperature change.

Chart of Available Colors

PMS 427 to Colorless(warm)
PMS 277 to Colorless(warm)
PMS 182 to Colorless(warm)
PMS 169 to Colorless(warm)
PMS 5585 to Colorless(warm)
PMS 217 to Colorless(warm)
PMS 2563 to Colorless(warm)
PMS 358 to PMS 393(warm)
PMS 155 to PMS 600(warm)
PMS 270 to PMS 2365(warm)
PMS 508 to PMS 304(warm)
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