Scented Coasters
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Scratch-N-Sniff Coasters

Enjoy the sweet smell of success with always fun and interactive scented coasters! Simply pick a scent from our stock library and we will add it to your printed coasters

Scratch-n-Sniff coasters have a scent applied to one side and the scent is released by simply rubbing or scratching the coaster. The scent is micro-encapsulated (into scent bubbles) which ensures longevity of the scent. For products that have a strong tie-in to a specific scent, scratch-n-sniff coasters can reinforce and intensify the overall brand experience.

  • Hole and string provided for hanging conveniently anywhere you choose
  • These coasters are bulk packed and individually bagged
  • Scented properties have a water-based coating
  • Contains microencapsulated fragrance oil
  • Applied to the pulpboard after ink

Scratch & SMELL how GOOD it Tastes!

The possibilities are endless, when it comes to making scents! One customer said "The smell of cotton candy evoked her memories of summertime and fun".

Smell This

Examples of Available Fragrances

Black Coffee
Coconut/Suntan Lotion
Cotton Candy
Fresh Air

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create custom scents?

Yes! We work with several different fragrance suppliers so we can develop or find virtually any scent that you can imagine. Give us a call with your theme and we can help you come up with creative scent ideas.

What are your lead times for scented coasters?

Once you have chosen the scent and the quantity you would like to order, our typical turnaround time would be approximately 4 weeks. If you would like a sample of a specific scent, let us know and we can send a sample to you right away.

How can I get a quote?

Contact us and let us know the scent you are interested in, along with the quantity you would like and we can provide you with a quote right away.

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Air-Freshener Style Coasters

Coasters that go beyond their traditional uses, such as scented coasters, are a real hit! This product is a very effective way of presenting fragrances to customers.

Giving out free promotional products to potential customers is far from a new marketing tactic - however, combining this with modern technologies that tantalize the senses adds a cutting edge and novel sensibility to the tried and true approach.

We have a multitude of scents for your unique promotions. The most economical scenting option is a spray on scent which is very similar to the traditional car air fresheners. Stimulate an additional sense...the sense of smell. Choose from a library of stock scents such as fruit, fresh linen, or even that "new car smell" which are ideal for selling new and used vehicles, or pine scents for Christmas themes. Scented coasters can also be used for the office or in and around the house, perhaps added to a clothes closet or even a dresser drawer.

A Unique Aromatic Marketing Tool: One of the advantages of using smell campaigns is that they can create great PR opportunities and when combined as promotional giveaways, it can add a whole new meaning to try before you buy.

Strawberry & Banana
Strawberry & Banana


Scented coasters are individually wrapped and bulk packed for shipping so they come out fresh when opened.

Custom Fragrances:

If you have your own custom fragrance or would like one created for your coaster, please contact us.

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