Scratch-N-Win Coasters

Customers will be itching for a chance to get their hands on your coasters with our special scratch-n-win option!

Boost sales, build customer loyalty, promote your business and increase sales! Perfect for increasing consumer interaction time, Scratch-N-Win Coasters can be used for a variety of purposes, consider using them for: Direct Mail Campaigns; In-Store Promotions; Special Events; Trade Shows; Fundraisers; Charities; other Contests.

Scratch-N-Win Coasters
  • Stand out and get noticed! Prizes and secret giveaways can be more engaging when there is a scratch game involved.
  • Scratch areas are made of removable latex which scratches off easily while still covering up the hidden message beneath. A great way to introduce a new product line.
  • Great for creating brand awareness, increasing traffic and frequency for in-store promotions and Black Friday type sales.
  • Scratch-N-Win offer high return on your investment!
  • Scratch-N-Win Coaster can be printed static (eg. one prize) or Variable (eg. multiple prizes) (link back to Variable page URL)
  • Latex scratch off is available in either silver and gold.
Scratch Area
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