UV Spot Gloss Coasters

This is a great option to highlight regions of your design with a glossy finish.

Are you searching for a promotional product that will not only grab the attention of your customers, but also keep them captivated long enough to see what your business has to offer? Try our UV Spot Gloss finishing!

Your printed promotional giveaway pieces may be the only opportunity to get your customers' attention in today's increasingly competitive arena. As a long lasting keepsake, visually captivating drink coasters using UV Spot Gloss are more likely to stay with your targeted audience, perhaps for months or even years. Here's your chance to make them really shine with attention catching gloss ink finishes.

This special coating is best used on deep, rich colors, like blues and rich blacks; the result will be a stunning shine. Because our coasters are made from authentic European pulpboard, the product already naturally appears as a matte finish. When you add a Spot Gloss to a specific area of your graphic it will draw attention to that area strengthening your marketing piece remarkably. This can be highly effective on specific areas of your graphics you want to highlight. The almost wet-like appearance is why it is so popular on image-rich coasters.

Red Cup
  • Add spot UV gloss to portions of your coaster design to help attract attention to your coaster.
  • Logos and images literally pop with a beautiful sheen drawing your customer's eyes.
  • Highlight specific areas of a printed piece adding shine and depth
  • This option is quite popular and should be a strong consideration for your coaster messaging.
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